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What you need to know before you go to Mexico for dental care

ABC15 Arizona

NOGALES, Mexico (KGUN9-TV) – Would you trust a dentist in Mexico to work on your teeth to save a few hundred dollars? More and more people are now doing that. But, not all clinics are created equal, so it’s important you do your research before you go.

In Nogales, treatments like implants, crowns and other procedures cost hundreds of dollars less than they do in the states. And if you find the right clinic, patients say the quality is unbeatable too.

“It’s no good having cheap if the quality isn’t there,” said patient Dianne McFaul. “But the quality actually is much better than what we found over there.”

The McFaul’s came to Nogales for x-rays and a crown, and they’ll get it all in just one visit.

“Having a crown done, usually you have to wait a week or two and then come back,” McFaul said. “It’s all done in one day here, and it’s so funny to see your little tooth being made on the 3D printer.”

Tips and resources for potential medical tourists:

If you’re chomping at the bit to save money but still want to leave with a smile, here are some steps you can take:

First: do your research. “Make sure the doctor is a certified doctor,” said Jesus Murillo of Dental Departures. 

Dental Departures is a website that allows you to search by procedure and region for the dental care you’re looking for. It lists the dentists’ certification and each clinic’s contact information.

“Every clinic that is published on our website, we visit them, we take the pictures, we meet the doctors,” said Murillo.

Another resource that patients considering medical tourism should reference is Patients Beyond Borders. It is not just limited to dental procedures and answers many questions you may have before heading out of the country. They have published a step by step guide to planning a successful trip out of the country for medical and dental care. 

Some of the questions Patients Beyond Borders say you need to ask a clinic before you visit include:

  1. What are the dentists’ credentials? Did they attend medical school or just a training program? Ask if the dentist is U.S. board certified because many are.
  2. Does the clinic have easy to access contact information? If they aren’t prompt to respond to you, move on.
  3. How cheap is the price? Finding the best price may not always be the best option. Saving 30% but getting better quality work than the clinic with 70% savings is worth it.
  4. What happens if I have a complication? It is important you make plans with the clinic in case of a complication. There are not guarantees in place like there are in the U.S., but speak with your clinic before the procedure to ensure you can get follow up care if needed.

Second: check reviews. Both Patients Beyond Borders and Dental Departures list reviews or comments from patients, but other websites like Google and Yelp can be helpful.

Third: appearance and cleanliness of the clinic is key. 

Experts definitely recommend you ask about the technology a clinic has. For example, the Dental Bliss clinic in Nogales has what functions as a 3D printer that can make you a new ceramic tooth in just 30 minutes.

Josef Woodman of Patients Beyond Borders cautions patients to use their instincts. If something appears off, you can refuse treatment right up until the very last minute. It is important to keep your health in mind over finding a cheap price.


If you’re worried about getting down to Nogales, Coyote Dental leaves from Tucson twice a week and goes straight to clinics in Nogales.

“We’re a shuttle service and a referral service for patients to save 70% on their dental work in Nogales,” said retired dentist Mark McMahon. “So, we bring people down and show them the ropes, teach them how to get across and save them all kinds of cash.”

Local Dentists’ word of caution:

Local dentists here say there are always risks, but it’s all about the research. “Dental care is not regulated like it is in Arizona. There’s no dental board to file a complaint with,” said Dr. Kevin Earle of the Arizona Dental Association.

He did say that there are clinics that offer good care in Nogales and in Mexico, but he cautions the patient to really do their research. Sometimes high quality materials are substituted for lesser materials, and that’s hard for patients to verify.

“It is an alternative, but maybe not the best alternative,” Earle said.

For some, though, it is the only alternative to high premiums or poor insurance. But, the name of the game: with the right background research, there can be a way to get quality care for an affordable price. Dentistry can be a significant procedure, so it is important for it to be precise.

Right-left alliance announced in Mexico for 2018 election

Financial Times

Mexico’s conservative opposition National Action Party (PAN) and the leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) have called for a “broad …

Mexico opposition leaders eye possible election tie-up in 2018

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In Mexico, when journalists are killed, democracy dies

The Globe and Mail

Javier Valdez Cardenas, an award-winning journalist and one of Mexico’s best-known reporters, was killed this week. He was shot dead close …

Javier Valdez: brave, brilliant casualty of Mexico’s dirty war
Opinion-The Guardian

Quake of 5.7 magnitude hits Mexico, no damage reported


Quake of 5.7 magnitude hits Mexico, no damage reported … Mexico’s Interior Ministry said on Twitter there were no immediate reports of …

Northwestern Mexico Hit by Earthquake, No Casualties Reported
The Wire

Thousands of cars banned from roads as Mexico City chokes in …

The Independent

Authorities in Mexico City have ordered cars off the streets and warned people about exercising outdoors as sprawling metropolis chokes in its …

ad consdos carey

Mexico City sees longest-running smog alert in 2 decades
New Zealand Herald

The adventures of a gringo home inspector

Mexico News Daily

When I relocated my life to Mexico with only the shell fragments of my modest nest egg I knew I would eventually need to generate a few extra …

Wind-power pollution: turbine oil seeps into the land in Mexico

Columbia Daily Tribune

Copper colored lubricant leaks from wind turbines in the town of Juchitan, Mexico, on April 20. [Yael Martinez/Bloomberg] …

ad Hinde and Jaimes

Gunmen rob bus full of federal police in Mexico


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Authorities in Mexico say gunmen have assaulted and robbed a bus full of federal police. The National Security …

Programme helps young people rebuild their lives in Mexico

TRT World

Job training programmes are helping more than 15,000 homeless youth in Mexico to leave the street life behind to become cooks and bakers.

Journalism Is Deadly In Mexico


Respected Mexican journalist Javier Valdez was murdered this week. NPR’s Scott Simon talks with Mexican journalist Javier Garza about the …

From Canada to Mexico, Activists Speak Out Against Monsanto

teleSUR English

A man holds a sign in a demonstration against U.S. seeds and agrochemicals company “Monsanto” in Mexico City, Mexico, May 20, 2017.

German minister backs NAFTA on Mexico visit, urges US support


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (L) speaks with his Mexican counterpart Luis Videgaray after a private meeting in Mexico City, Mexico, …

German Foreign Minister Gabriel talks up NAFTA and free, fair trade …
Deutsche Welle

Mexico private sector eyes more NAFTA content in future products
Business Insider

A talk with Mexico’s NAFTA advocate
DC Velocity

Mexico Will Not Accept Tariffs, Quotas in Renegotiated NAFTA

Vanuatu pushes Mexico at Under-20 World Cup in South Korea

ABC Online

A Mexico goal in the 94th minute saved the Central Americans from humiliation at the hands of the Vanuatu team, who went into the tournament …

Mexico break Vanuatu hearts in Daejeon

Mexican mob attacks Russian man in Cancun over insults


… a crime scene where a mob of angry Mexicans attacked a 42-year-old Russian in an attempt to lynch him in Cancun, Mexico, May 20, 2017.

New details uncovered about Canadian charged with Mexico …

The two would go dancing, she said, and stayed together in a hotel during his frequent work trips to the city in northern Mexico, where Magna …

What you need to know before you go to Mexico for dental care

ABC15 Arizona

NOGALES, Mexico (KGUN9-TV) – Would you trust a dentist in Mexico to work on your teeth to save a few hundred dollars? More and more …

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Mugabe’s off AGAIN… and this time it’s Mexico


Harare – Seems incredible but it’s true: President Robert Mugabe is on another foreign trip, this time to Mexico, state media is reporting.

President off to Mexico for disaster summit
Highly Cited-The Herald

Exxon Mobil Ups Stake In Mexico As Battle For Gas Station …

Seeking Alpha

After the low-hanging fruit was going, Mexico’s energy industry has suffered as state-owned Pemex wasn’t able to deliver the goods after more …

Trump Administration to Renegotiate NAFTA Agreement With …


In a brief statement, Mexico’s economy ministry said NAFTA had been a boon to Canada, the United States and Mexico, and that all three …

NAFTA demise fears fade as US firms committed to Mexico: lobby

Is Mexico the second-deadliest ‘conflict zone’ in the world? Probably …

Washington Post

This month, headlines have been screaming that “Mexico was second-deadliest country in 2016″ and “Mexico Now World’s Deadliest Conflict …


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Cenando en Campeche photo by Discover Mexico


The Eagles Sue Hotel California

by Reuters

The Eagles have filed a lawsuit accusing the owners of a Mexican hotel of using the name “Hotel California,” arguably the band’s most famous song, without permission.

In a complaint filed late Monday, the Eagles said owners of the 11-room Todos Santos hotel in Baja California Sur “actively encourage” guests to believe the hotel is associated with the band, in order to sell t-shirts and other merchandise, and make guests feel welcome.

This allegedly included piping “Hotel California” and other Eagles songs through the hotel sound system, and selling t-shirts in that refer to the hotel as “legendary,” resulting in apparent confusion among many guests who posted online reviews.

The Eagles also noted that the defendant Hotel California Baja LLC has applied with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the Hotel California name.

The Hotel California in the town of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico on May 2, 2017. Fernando Castillo / Reuters

“Defendants lead U.S. consumers to believe that the Todos Santos Hotel is associated with the Eagles and, among other things, served as the inspiration for the lyrics in ‘Hotel California,’ which is false,” the complaint said.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court seeks a variety of damages and a halt to any infringement.

Neither the hotel nor the lawyer who filed its trademark application immediately responded on Tuesday to requests for comment.

The Todos Santos hotel was named Hotel California when it opened in 1950, but went through a series of name changes before a Canadian couple, John and Debbie Stewart, bought it in 2001, and according to the Eagles began using the original name in marketing. Its website is .

“Hotel California” is the title track from the 1976 Eagles album of the same name, and won the 1977 Grammy award for record of the year.

It is known for its long guitar outro featuring Don Felder and Joe Walsh, and complex lyrics sung by Don Henley.

In an interview with CBS News last year, Henley said the song is about “a journey from innocence to experience. It’s not really about California; it’s about America.”

The case is Eagles Ltd v Hotel California Baja LLC et al, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 17-03276.

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Tijuana Tacos Photo by Ruben Juarez

Mexico after El Chapo: new generation fights for control of the cartel

The wave of violence suggests if El Chapo had a plan for succession, it has fallen into chaos, turning Sinaloa into one of Mexico’s most violent states

by David Agren in Culiacán and Villa Juárez

Engines revved, tires squealed and tail lights faded into the distance as an Audi raced a Mini Cooper down the street past apartment buildings and empty lots. The spectators – boys in baseball caps, girls in short skirts – lounged against their own luxury vehicles, drinking beer.

The drag races roared for more than an hour as darkness fell over Culiacán, but the neighbours never complained about noise, and the police never turned up to put an end to the fun.

No wonder: the racers were most probably the children of some of Mexico’s most powerful crime bosses. Known collectively as “narco-juniors”, this generation of narcos has discarded the discretion of their elders, replacing it with conspicuous displays of wealth, violence and impunity.

And it is a generation that is now on the frontlines of a violent struggle for control of the Sinaloa cartel, which has been sunk into a war of succession since the capture and extradition to the US of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

“The generational change has started – and it seems like the process is not going so well,” said Adrián López, editor of the Sinaloa newspaper Noroeste. And with El Chapo sitting in a US prison, “there’s no longer anyone to referee the disputes between them”.

The generational change has started – and it seems like the process is not going so well

The disputes have turned Sinaloa – a long sliver of pine-clad mountains and Pacific coast beaches – into one of Mexico’s most violent states in 2017. But the shockwaves have been felt across the country.

This week, a former policeman once described as Guzmán’s right-hand man was arrested in Mexico City, after reportedly clashing with El Chapo’s sons.

Federal officials say Dámaso López Núñez – who once helped El Chapo’s escape from prison – had sought to partner with the upstart Jalisco New Generation cartel, which has disputed Sinaloa cartel territories up and down the Pacific coast.

López’s war with Guzmán’s sons – Iván Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar and Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, known collectively as Los Chapitos – is believed to be behind a wave of violence in Sinaloa and Baja California Sur.

El Chapo was born in the rugged mountains of the Sierra Madre, where he grew up in abject poverty before becoming one of the most powerful figures in the Sinaloa cartel.

Those mountains were his unquestioned fiefdom, but with Guzmán locked up in a New York high-security unit, rival crime groups are now making brazen incursions.

Last year, gunmen from the smaller Beltrán Leyva cartel looted the home of Guzmán’s elderly mother in the hamlet of La Tuna.

More recently, violence has focused on the sun-scorched agricultural valleys around Culiacán and at the crossroads town of Villa Juárez, where rival factions are fighting over local drug sales.

In one incident this February, a convoy of trucks – including one with a .50 calibre machine mounted in a rotating turret – pulled into Villa Juárez and opened fire at a Pemex petrol station. Four people, including a pregnant woman, were killed.

Three months later, the bullet holes that pock the filling station’s facade are still visible under a fresh coat of paint, but locals are still unwilling to talk. “I don’t want to get involved in it,” said an employee while a jaunty narcocorrido – a song lionizing drug lords – blared in the background.

“All the violence,” said the employee, “It’s like being in Afghanistan or something.”

As he spoke, he kept an eye on the steady stream of motorcycles that buzzed past – the preferred mode of transport for cartel lookouts.

In the unkempt town square, a street vendor refused to make eye contact as he slowly set out gleaming tubes of lipstick on his table. “Yes, there’s violence,” he allowed, but then fell silent.

The racers in Culiacán were most probably the children of some of Mexico’s most powerful crime bosses. Photograph: David Agren for the Guardian

The wave of violence suggests if El Chapo had a plan for succession, it has fallen into chaos. In his 2016 Rolling Stone interview with Guzmán, Sean Penn described Iván as the heir apparent. “He’s attentive with a calm maturity,” Penn said of Iván, who was charged in the 2004 murder of a Canadian exchange student and a male companion as they left a Guadalajara-area bar.

A 2005 psychological profile from a prison stay said the younger Guzmán demonstrated “probable psychological violence toward persons that he does not consider on his socio-economic level”.

Cartel observers say that Iván and Jesús Alfredo – who grew up in a life of luxury – are not ready to take over their father’s empire. “The only thing they’re good at is spending El Chapo’s money,” said Mike Vigil, former DEA head of international operations. “They’ve never had to get their hands dirty. They’re not street smart like El Chapo.”

Vigil pointed to a confusing incident last year, in which Jesús Alfredo was seized by gunmen – possibly from the rival CJNG – from a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, before being released after an apparent deal.

“They’re very lucky to be alive,” Vigil said.

Locals, however, say that Iván retains one important advantage over the CNJG and the remnants of López’s faction: the lingering affection for his father felt by many in the state, where among the state’s rural and poor population El Chapo is revered as a Robin Hood figure who thumbed his nose at the authorities even as he doled out patronage and charity.

“He owns this town,” said a journalist covering organized crime in Culiacán. He said that Iván Guzmán is thought to have an “army” of hitmen in Culiacán, along with spies in all parts – everyone from youngsters on motorcycles to people washing windshields at intersections to employees at hotels. Iván Guzman isn’t shy about showing off. He tweets to flash his fancy cars, trips on private planes and exotic animals in his keep. He also rails against the government and denounces the “many who have turned on us”.

Locals say that the younger Guzmán is fond of racing a red Ferrari through Culiacán, a city of around 900,000 that is home to the kind of premium auto dealerships and luxury shops seldom seen in provincial Mexican cities.

And few doubt that the Guzmáns’ word is law in the city: one local described seeing cartel bodyguards stop traffic so one of El Chapo’s sons could do doughnuts in his white Nissan GT-R at a traffic junction.

Analysis Mexico’s war on drugs: what has it achieved and how is the US involved?

Felipe Calderón launched the war after being elected in 2006, and since then the US has donated at least $1.5bn – but the biggest costs have been human

Unlike the first generation of cartel bosses, the new wave of cartel are often university educated and more likely to choose Italian slip-ons and Jaguars than their father’s ostrich skin cowboy boots and Hummers.

But the generational changes go beyond material tastes. One former cartel gunman, expressed dismay at the ethical shortcomings of the younger bosses, and – over a plate of seak tacos – reminisced about a time when narcos had “honour”.

“15, 20 years ago, if we wanted to kill you and you turned up with your wife and children, we couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t touch you,” said the man, who once worked for Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, a contemporary of El Chapo.

“Now, they don’t give a damn … If they see you in a taco stand, they’ll come and shoot it up,” he said.

Over decades, the people of Sinaloa have grown used to living alongside organised crime; now, however, many fear that changes are on their way – and that change will inevitably bring more violence.

Leticia Villegas insists that her brother Adolfo – a teacher and part-time contract lawyer – had nothing to do with the underworld. But in March, he was grabbed from his small Chevy less than a block from his home and hasn’t been seen since.

“They say this is a dispute between different groups,” she said, “but it’s harming innocent people.”

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You need Mexico car insurance because it’s required and US /Canadian insurance coverage stops at the Mexican border. Every year Mexico implements stricter laws for uninsured motorists, meaning not having it can cost you money due to damage/loss to your vehicle, fines and more
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Mexican Auto insurance You Can Trust if you ever get into an accident in Mexico

Insuring Your Car in Mexico
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U.S. and Canadian auto insurance policies, however comprehensive, hold no legal jurisdiction in Mexico. This means that you must buy separate insurance cover for your car while you’re driving in Mexico if you want to travel with complete peace of mind.

If you are driving your car improperly insured in Mexico and you become involved in an accident it will, at best, cost you a lot of money and, at worst, leave you imprisoned in a Mexican jail house. Presenting a U.S. or Canadian auto insurance policy will be of no use because these documents have no legal or actual force in Mexico, and the companies backing them will not settle any claim arising when you or your car are situated south of the border.
Drivers who are involved in serious accidents in Mexico are usually arrested pending investigation. If you are not properly insured in Mexico and become involved in a serious accident—even if it’s not your fault—these procedures will likely place a great deal of stress and financial burden upon you.
This guide explains how insurance works in Mexico and how to go about buying the additional insurance protection you need to ensure that you, your passengers, and your vehicle are properly insured when driving on Mexican soil and that, in the event of a serious accident, you are properly covered by a legally-valid and adequate insurance policy.
Mexican Auto Insurance
Mexican Law stipulates that only insurance companies which are licensed in Mexico can provide the type of auto insurance coverage that is recognized and accepted by Mexico’s legal system.
A few U.S.-based insurance companies will extend physical damage coverage on cars and RVs while they are situated in Mexico, but they cannot and do not provide Mexican liability insurance. So, although these policies may cover your damage, they will not cover your liability to others in Mexico. This is why a special insurance policy is absolutely necessary to be properly insured in Mexico.
Mexican Insurance Companies
Mexican Law also stipulates that liability insurance must be purchased from a licensed Mexican company, so your auto insurance policy necessarily needs to be issued by one of Mexico’s insurance companies, or through a broker in the U.S./Canada working in conjuction with a Mexican insurance company.
Who’s Insuring You?
Buyers purchasing insurance for their car in Mexico are often times misled by believing that they can rely on the broker, rather than the Mexican Insurance Company, to properly handle any claim that may arise during their stay in Mexico.
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Dog Friendly Hotels in MexicoThis is a partial list of Dog Friendly Hotels that we have found on the web. They are unverified so if you find one that does not accept pets or who has changed its policy, please send us a note. Click here to read the entire list of hotels

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