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Canada Promises to Lift Visa Requirement for Mexicans

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, right, met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto during a bilateral meeting at the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday, November 15, 2015. (Photo Credit: CBC)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has formally committed to removing visa requirements for Mexican citizens entering Canada, a policy imposed by the Conservative government in 2009 to stem the flow of Mexicans seeking asylum here.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto said that Trudeau confirmed the commitment during a face-to-face meeting with Canada’s new prime minister at the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

“Justin Trudeau confirmed that he has signalled his cabinet to remove in the future the Canadian visa requirement for Mexicans,” Peña Nieto wrote in Spanish in a post on Twitter.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said Trudeau discussed mutual issues with Peña Nieto, including climate change, and “reiterated the [election] platform commitment to lift the visa requirement on Mexican citizens.”

The requirement had become an irritant between the two countries with Mexican ambassador Francisco Suarez saying in 2013 he was “really mad” at Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

Olivier Duchesneau, the deputy director of communications for Trudeau, could not say when Mexicans would be able to travel to Canada without a visa, but recently told CBC News that the prime minister had instructed members of his cabinet to move forward with the change.




Jaltemba Bay Releases Olive Ridley Turtle Hatchlings

Tara A. Spears

Watching a sunset over the ocean is always enjoyable but add hundreds of tiny dynamos racing to the surf and the evening becomes spectacular! Ever since seeing a sea turtle give birth when I was a young child, I have always been in awe of these creatures. Sea turtles lumber slowly on land but become wonderous, graceful swimmers in the ocean. For years I’’ve enjoyed watching sea turtles while deep sea fishing or when taking early morning strolls on the beach. It was very special to share the joy of sea turtles with my children, and it is extra special to see the eyes of grandchildren light up watching the baby turtles scurry off into the waves!

turtle 2

Sea turtles are one of nature’s treasures but now they need our help to survive. That’s why the Jaltemba Bay Hotel Association supports protecting the sea turtle nests. It’s a simple and effective plan: the oceanfront businesses identify new nests and notify trained personel who will come gather the eggs. The turtle eggs are transported to a protected area-nursery- until the babies develop. Weeks later, when the turtles hatch, they are kept contained until dusk. Releasing hatchlings just as night falls is much safer for the baby turtles because it’s main pedator, sea birds, are not swooping down  the beach to dine on the hapless turtles. In addition, when the hatchling turtles can be released  in from of a crowd, the babies are protected from other carnivores  (such as racoons) that would eat them if people weren’t around. It is a very moving experience for the people, too.

While there are only five species of sea turtles,  Jaltemba Bay beach is the nesting site for the lovely Olive Ridley turtles.  Olive Ridleys are globally distributed in the tropical regions of the South Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. In the Eastern Pacific, they occur from Southern California all along Mexico until Northern Chile. Adult turtles weigh 100 pounds (45 kilos); hatchlings weigh 1 oz (28grams). A mature adult Olive Ridley gets up to 22-32 inches (55-80 cm) wide; a hatchling will be 1.5 inches (4 cm). Babies are blackish with green tint sides. The Olive Ridley turtle’s diet consists of algae, lobster, crab, mollusks, shrimp, and fish.

The reproductive cycle of the Olive Ridley is noteworthy. This species reaches sexual maturity at about age 15. Only the female comes ashore to lay about 100 eggs at a time, one or two times a year. That is fairly typical behavior of all sea turtles, but what distinguishes an Olive Ridley is large group nesting at the same time.

tutle 3

 “The Olive Ridley has one of the most extraordinary nesting habits in the natural world. Large groups of turtles gather off shore of nesting beaches. Then, all at once, vast numbers of turtles come ashore and nest in what is known as an ‘arrabada’. During these arribadas, hundreds to thousands of females come ashore to lay their eggs. At many nesting beaches, the nesting density is so high that previously laid egg clutches are dug up by other females excavating the nest to lay their own eggs,” according to 2014 research by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries.

turtle 5turtle 4

There are many theories on what triggers an arribada, including offshore winds, lunar cycles, and the release of pheromones by females. Despite these theories, scientists have yet to determine the actual cues for Ridley arribadas. Not all females nest during an arribada, instead some are solitary nesters. Some Olive Ridleys employ a mixed nesting strategy. For example, a single female might nest during an arribada, as well as nest alone during the same nesting season. Arribada nesting is a behavior found only in the genus Lepidochelys:  which encompasses the Kemp and Olive Ridley sea turtles. Although other turtles have been documented nesting in groups, no other turtles (marine or otherwise) have been observed nesting in such mass numbers and synchrony. In the eastern Pacific, arribadas occur from June to December on certain beaches on the coast of Mexico.      

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Nationwide Look at Diabetes Paints a Grim Picture

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Research led by Rafael Meza, assistant professor of epidemiology at the U-M School of Public Health, found that from 1960 to 2012 diabetes incidence in the country doubled every 10 years.

Mexico City – If diabetes in Mexico continues unchecked, at least one in three people, and as many as one in two, could be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetimes.

In the first comprehensive effort to document incidence of the disease in Mexico, research led by Rafael Meza, assistant professor of epidemiology at the U-M School of Public Health, found that from 1960 to 2012 diabetes incidence in the country doubled every 10 years. The researchers predict that up to 23% of the population could have the disease by 2050.

“The work highlights the magnitude of the problem and how much bigger it could get if nothing is done,” Meza said. “Diabetes rates have been increasing dramatically largely due to the obesity epidemic in Mexico. Comprehensive diabetes/obesity prevention strategies are thus critical to reverse the trends.”

The study could also help those combating the diabetes in the U.S., he added.

“Hispanics have very high incidence rate, and a large percentage of them are from Mexican descent,” Meza said. “We know people from Mexico have high susceptibility rates, so some of those things that we’re learning could be eventually be applied to understanding what’s happening with diabetes among the Hispanic population in the U.S.”


Cancun prison is “most ungovernable” in Mexico

Payments by inmates to guards and other prisoners for protection, access to water and food, the use of beds, common areas and for conjugal visits are common problems in Mexican prisons, according to the newspaper Reforma, which reported that Cancun’s prison is the most “ungovernable,” while Chetumal’s is third worst in the country.

Conditions in the Cancun prison have recently been in the spotlight as a result of the years-long incarceration there of American TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman, who was convicted last March of murdering his Brazilian-born wife. A movie about Beresford-Redman, who maintains his innocence, was released recently.

According to the National Assessment of Prison Supervision of 2014, prepared by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), in at least 81 of Mexico’s 130 prisons, inmates are forced to pay other prisoners. Furthermore, in 85 cases charges by guards were reported.

Reforma reported that the charge for the roll call of prisoners in Mexico City institutions provides daily income of up to 336,000 pesos (USD$20,280) in East, North and South Prisons and Santa Martha Penitentiary, according to the Documenta organization.

These prisons also were reproved in the diagnosis of the CNDH, with ratings of less than 5 points, on a scale of 0-10.

In cases of self-government prisons, inmates who “direct” establish fines for other inmates who are involved in fights or disobey the rules.

In that sense, the CNDH reports that there are conditions of self-government in 76 of the 130 state criminal institutions evaluated.

In 81 facilities the study found areas of privilege, presence of prohibited substances and groups of inmates who use violence or control over other prisoners.

The study says that the most ungovernable prisons are located in Quintana Roo, Sinaloa and Tamaulipas.

In specific cases, the worst were the prison of Cancun, which scored 1.35 points, and Venustiano Carranza, in Tepic, Nayarit, with 2.45 of 10 possible points.Click here to read the entire story

Bengal tiger on the loose near Acapulco

The Mexican state of Guerrero has been constantly in the spotlight for the last 12 months, due to the dissapearance of the 43 students, drug trafficking, kidnappings, marches and uprisings by the teachers’ union; and now, a Bengal tiger is on the loose near the coastal city of Acapulco.

Mexican authorities stepped up the hunt for this dangerous wild animal that escaped from the “Paraíso de los Manglares” ecological park last month and warned people not to approach the roving beast.

The tiger, named Ankor, has been on the loose in the southern state of Guerrero for 24 days now, since Monday October 26th, and is believed to be hiding in mangroves close to where it went missing.

There are indications that the animal, which weighs about 300 kilos (650 pounds), may have wandered close to a ranch in the area known as Coyuca de Benitez, about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the park, said a spokesperson from the Federal Attorney of Environmental Protection (Profepa).


“If the situation gets out of control and the animal puts human life at risk, then it will be necessary to give orders to kill it, but we are doing everything possible to recapture the animal alive,” said Zenón Alvarado Serrano, a Profepa inspector.

Tracks were found Monday morning at kilometer 10.5 of the Barra de Coyuca highway near Los Mogotes, along with the body of a small dog the tiger had killed and another that had been injured, and local media said that the animal had killed five cows so far.

A fisherman in Coyuca de Benítez said the feline walked past him without incident.


Feature Photo

zacZacatecas – World Heritage Site

By Dean Miller


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Mexico GDP Growth Beats All Forecasts as Pickup Accelerates


Mexico’s economy expanded at a faster pace than any economist projected in the third quarter, fueled by a rebound in domestic consumption.

Mexico’s Economy Picked Up Pace in Third Quarter
Wall Street Journal

Mexico Immigration Decline: Undocumented Mexican Immigrants …

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Meet Mexico’s peaceful paradise: Isla Holbox


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WTO Rules in Favor of Mexico in Dispute Over US Tuna Labels

ABC News

The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of Mexico in a trade dispute with the U.S., saying Washington’s requirement for “dolphin-safe” …

Mexico’s Inhuman Rights

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Mexico, a close ally and trade partner of the United States, repeatedly obtained Interpol “red notices” against Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, the …

METRO WEEK: Working with Mexico for Business Success

Arizona Public Media-15 hours ago

Southern Arizona should shift its international trade efforts to products made with Mexico, rather than trying to sell to or import from Mexico, …

Mexico in danger of missing Rio Olympics

Mexico’s participation in next year’s Olympics could be in jeopardy because of a conflict between the government and national sports …

Mexican Media Storm Erupts Over Marant “Copying”

A MEDIA storm is currently swirling in Mexico after local news agencies reported that the French government had issued a patent document to …

ad Green ParrotMexico Arrests Alleged Drug Kingpin While He Was Getting Drunk …


While it was previously treated as minor partner of the Mexico’s biggest trafficking organization — the Sinaloa cartel — the group has recently …

Mexico police arrest alleged leader of new, fast growing cartel


rev 1           rev 2

A Modern Spin on Revolt: Celebrating Día de la Revolución

Tara A. Spears

It started with blood and suffering. The Mexican political system was unbearable; the native Mexicans could not own land, they only work as slaves to the ruling class. It was more than envy; it was a need to gain respect, dignity, and freedom. 105 years later, the date of the start of the Mexican Revolution, November 20, is commemorated not as a day of sadness but a day of celebration, laughter, and family fiestas.

rev 5rev 6

By 1910 the majority of Mexicans were desperate to get rid of the dictator Porfirio Diaz who had choked the wealth and joy out of the country for over 30 years. Francisco Madero acted out as a representative of the Mexican people that were tired of Diaz’ authoritarian rule. Along with his cabinet, Diaz was holding tightly to the reins of the country. Madero formed the Anti-Reelectionist Party and ran against Diaz, but the elections were rigged and Diaz won again.

rev 4rev 3

Porfirio Diaz was hated by all Mexicans except his cronies and those with wealth. Díaz had modernized the country, laying miles of train tracks and encouraging industry and foreign investment, but at a steep price: the poor of Mexico lived a life of abject misery. In the Mexican north, miners worked without any safety or insurance; in Central Mexico the peasants were kicked off their land; and in the southern Mexican states, debt peonage meant that thousands worked essentially as slaves. He appointed all state governors, who shared in the spoils of his crooked but lucrative system. All other elections were blatantly rigged and only the extremely foolish ever tried to complain. Diaz was the darling of international investors, who commended him for “civilizing” the diverse nation Diaz ruled.rev7

In an effort to safeguard the election results, Diaz had Madero jailed in San Luis Potosi. Once Madero was released from jail, he fled to Texas where he wrote the Plan of San Luis Potosi. The thrust of the plan was to urge the people to rise up in arms against the government in order to re-install democracy in the country. The date of November 20th at 6 pm was set for the revolt to begin.

In 1911, Porfirio Diaz accepted defeat and left office. He was allowed to flee to Paris where he remained in exile until his death in 1915 at the age of 85. Although Francisco Madero was elected president in 1911, he was assassinated just two years later. The fighting of the Mexican revolution would continue until 1920. Some historians feel that the idealistic Madero could not hold onto power once he had it because the majority of fighting men that joined with him in the revolt were tough, brutal men; Madero was simply from another world and didn’t understand the danger.

One of the long-term results of this revolution would be to enact federal law that all Mexican presidents can only be in office for a six year term. Another result was the establishment of the ejido land system: Ejido is a direct backlash to the ruling class only being able to own land. This system ensures that every Mexican who wants land can have it. Individual members can possess and farm a specific parcel including build a house. In the last 20 years, Mexicans can go through a lengthy legal process to get clear title to the land. Mexican citizens, known as ejidatarios, do not actually own the land, but are allowed to use their allotted parcels indefinitely as long as they do not fail to use the land for more than two years. Each family can pass their rights on to their children. Click here to read the entire story

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Feature Photo

circus by Dave YuhasCircus in Small town Mexico

By Dave Yuhas


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What you need to know
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You need Mexico car insurance because it’s required and US /Canadian insurance coverage stops at the Mexican border. Every year Mexico implements stricter laws for uninsured motorists, meaning not having it can cost you money due to damage/loss to your vehicle, fines and more
When you drive your car to Mexico, travel with complete peace of mind, by being properly insured. Your U.S. or Canadian insurance policy, however comprehensive, won’t cover you in Mexico, but affordable insurance is available…

Mexican Auto insurance You Can Trust if you ever get into an accident in Mexico

Insuring Your Car in Mexico
Although your U.S./Canadian car insurance policy may be comprehensive, and might also extend some limited damage coverage in Mexico, you will still need to purchase policy that is legally valid in Mexico.
U.S. and Canadian auto insurance policies, however comprehensive, hold no legal jurisdiction in Mexico. This means that you must buy separate insurance cover for your car while you’re driving in Mexico if you want to travel with complete peace of mind.

If you are driving your car improperly insured in Mexico and you become involved in an accident it will, at best, cost you a lot of money and, at worst, leave you imprisoned in a Mexican jail house. Presenting a U.S. or Canadian auto insurance policy will be of no use because these documents have no legal or actual force in Mexico, and the companies backing them will not settle any claim arising when you or your car are situated south of the border.
Drivers who are involved in serious accidents in Mexico are usually arrested pending investigation. If you are not properly insured in Mexico and become involved in a serious accident—even if it’s not your fault—these procedures will likely place a great deal of stress and financial burden upon you.
This guide explains how insurance works in Mexico and how to go about buying the additional insurance protection you need to ensure that you, your passengers, and your vehicle are properly insured when driving on Mexican soil and that, in the event of a serious accident, you are properly covered by a legally-valid and adequate insurance policy.
Mexican Auto Insurance
Mexican Law stipulates that only insurance companies which are licensed in Mexico can provide the type of auto insurance coverage that is recognized and accepted by Mexico’s legal system.
A few U.S.-based insurance companies will extend physical damage coverage on cars and RVs while they are situated in Mexico, but they cannot and do not provide Mexican liability insurance. So, although these policies may cover your damage, they will not cover your liability to others in Mexico. This is why a special insurance policy is absolutely necessary to be properly insured in Mexico.
Mexican Insurance Companies
Mexican Law also stipulates that liability insurance must be purchased from a licensed Mexican company, so your auto insurance policy necessarily needs to be issued by one of Mexico’s insurance companies, or through a broker in the U.S./Canada working in conjuction with a Mexican insurance company.
Who’s Insuring You?
Buyers purchasing insurance for their car in Mexico are often times misled by believing that they can rely on the broker, rather than the Mexican Insurance Company, to properly handle any claim that may arise during their stay in Mexico.
The insurance company underwriting your policy is much more important than the Broker that sells you the policy.
As all insurance policies are sold through brokers, it’s important to know which insurance company (or companies) are underwriting the policies being sold to you by the broker. Click here to read more  Click here to get your free quotes

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Learn About Mexican Vehicle Insurance Canadian and American Vehicle insurance doesn’t work in Mexico. While insurance is not mandatory – you would be crazy to risk going without. Mexican insurance can be purchased before you leave or at the border. Click to read more Here:

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