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Graceful Seabird Marauder: Magnificent Frigatebird

Tara A. Spears

One of the most amazing seabirds to watch at the beach is the pirate of the Pacific-the Frigatebird. In the lead photo you can see one stealing a pelican’s dinner before the pelican can swallow it. The spectacular Frigatebird is frequently seen hanging motionless in the air above Jaltemba Bay.

This distinctive seabird is easy to notice due to its unique profile: the Frigatebird’s tail is long, with extensive pointed forks. (Locals call them ‘tijeras’ Spanish for scissors.) Their legs are short, and the small, partially webbed feet are only used for perching. Frigate birds are very ungainly on the ground or in the water but airborne, they are a wonder to see.

Frigate birds typically weigh only about 3 pounds (1.5 kg) yet the spread of their long, narrow, pointed wings can exceed 6.5 feet (2 meters). Because of its aerodynamic characteristics, frigate birds are among the most skilled of all birds at flying and seemingly effortless gliding.

Frigatebirds are the ultimate gliders among birds, able to hang in the air for hours with hardly a movement of their long, angular wings. Inhabitant of warm seas, this species can be seen soaring over tropical coastlines or perched like gaunt statues on dead trees. Frigatebirds never swim, because their long wings (adapted for soaring) and tiny feet render them unable to take off from water; all their food is snatched from the surface in flight or stolen from other birds.

The tropical Magnificent Frigatebird’s preferred habitat is oceanic coasts and coastal islands with dense growth of mangroves or other trees and shrubs. Its diet consists of mostly fish including squid, jellyfish, and crustaceans. Frigatebirds also will take hatchling turtles, young terns and other birds, sometimes eggs. Opportunistic feeders, Frigatebirds will scavenge for scraps around fishing boats and docks.

Besides its ability to glide for long periods of time, Frigatebirds can hunt for food from the air, swooping close to water to take items from on or near surface, making very little contact with water. This bird never swims. Frigatebirds forage in same way over land, taking prey from beaches without landing.

Perhaps the specie’s most interesting behavior is the way that Frigatebirds feed by piracy. The sleek Frigatebird commonly swoop aggressively on pelicans, boobies, and gulls, poking them and biting the other birds’s tail and wings. This pugnacious behavior forces these birds to drop or disgorge any fish that they have recently caught and eaten, which is then consumed by the Frigatebird. This pirating food strategy is known to scientists as kleptoparasitism.

If you have gone whale watching or snorkeling at the Jaltemba Bay islands, you can see the massive breeding colonies of seabirds, including the Magnificent Frigatebird. The perched males display (often in groups) by inflating their throat pouch to huge red balloon, raising their bill high, vibrating partially spread wings, swiveling back and forth, and calling. Females flying overhead are attracted to group, choose one male as mate. The nests are built mostly by the female, with materials brought by male. The pair form a flimsy platform of sticks to lay eggs.


Throughout human history birds have been equated with the supernatural. Flight itself is seen as an icon of transcendence, as a reaching to the sky world. Watching the sleek Frigatebirds hunt, glide, and fly one can envision how primitive societies believed these creatures to be gods.

 Feature Photo
Michaoacan Coast Photo by Dean Miller

Mexico Seeks New Home for Its Oil as Gulf Coast Turns to Canada

Shipments of crude to the U.S. from Mexico fell to a new low last week, extending a trend that goes back to when the Energy Information Administration began compiling preliminary weekly import data in June 2010.

Imports totaled 290,000 barrels a day in the week ended April 14, a 43 percent weekly drop that may have been triggered by weather-related closings at Mexico’s key export ports this month. But the shipments have been sinking for years. The 52-week average through April 14 was 561,000 barrels a day, down from about 630,000 a year earlier.

“The latest import levels are continuing a long trend,” Court Smith, director of research with shipbrokers MJLF & Associates, said by instant message from Stamford, Connecticut. “This is because of a combination of recent rise in refinery rates and historically declining production in Mexico.”

Production in Mexico has declined for 12 years in a row and this year will be less than 2 million barrels a day, the lowest level since 1980, according to Petroleos Mexicanos, the state producer, hurting sales of the benchmark Maya heavy crude.

Pemex’s six refineries are also using more of the crude, lessening the need for exports. They processed 930,400 barrels a day in February, the most since June of last year, according to Mexico’s Energy Information Agency. The company expects to raise rates further to boost gasoline supply in the near term.

Refiners on the U.S. Gulf Coast, which are the primary users of Mexican crude, have been turning north for supplies, said Andy Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates, a Houston-based consulting company. Canadian imports averaged 3.16 million barrels a day over the 52 weeks through April 14, up from about 3.02 million a year earlier.

“Canadian crudes are making more headway into the U.S judging from the full pipes coming down from Canada,” Lipow said by phone Friday. “We do expect to see more heavy crude from Canada when projects like Suncor Energy Inc.’s Fort Hills mine comes online toward end of the year.”

Mexico has increasingly turned to Europe and Asia to make up for the U.S. demand shortfall. While overall Mexican crude exports fell in the first half of April, sales to Spain have increased since February, according to estimates from vessel-tracking and U.S. bills of lading data compiled by Bloomberg oil-market specialist Bert Gilbert. Exports to India, South Korea, Japan and China also grew in February, Mexico customs data compiled by Bloomberg show.

“While U.S. Gulf refineries were in maintenance, heavy crude oil producers have had to send their shipments to other regions, such as Asia, where heavy crude has recently strengthened thanks to the OPEC cut,” said Ixchel Castro, an analyst at Wood Mackenzie in Mexico City. “Greater shipments of Maya to Asia allows Pemex to achieve better margins for its exports.”

Mexico crude imports may pick up as gasoline demand rises for summer and refinery maintenance ends, Castro said in an emailed response to questions.

“This is the season where we would normally expect more heavy crude imports for U.S. Gulf Coast coking plants,” she said.

Mexico’s unrelenting violence is climbing to new highs

Business Insider

Mexico protest Ayotzinapa disappearance violence Women with their faces painted march to mark the 29-month anniversary of the …

Mexico sees 2020 killings in March, worst month since 2011

Dutch ‘abortion boat’ arrives off the coast of Mexico

A Dutch sailing boat offering abortions has arrived in international waters off Mexico’s west coast, according to the organisation which operates …

Abortion boat makes first visit to Mexico
International-Mexico News Daily

Six bodies found buried in ditch outside Mexico’s Acapulco


Violence in Mexico has spiked during the past year to the highest rates since 2011 and the worst during the presidency of Enrique Pena Nieto, …

These robotics students were told ‘to go back to Mexico.’ The taunt …

Washington Post

Just a few months ago, not many knew about these five fourth-graders from a low-income community in Indianapolis. But now, the Panther Bots, …

Top drug cartel leaders killed in Mexico near US border

Deutsche Welle

Mexico’s bloody drug war has spanned a decade, with estimates placing the death toll of cartel-related violence at approximately 120,000 from …

Mexico Says 2 Top Drug Traffickers Killed Near US Border
U.S. News & World Report

Why Trump is racing against the clock on NAFTA: Mexico’s election

CTV News

In one year, Mexico will be deep into campaign mode. And the current poll leader is a fiery left-wing nationalist whose party website has listed, …

Why Texas has so much riding on trade and Mexico
Dallas News

Mexico Seeks New Home for Its Oil as Gulf Coast Turns to Canada


Shipments of crude to the U.S. from Mexico fell to a new low last week, extending a trend that goes back to when the Energy Information …

Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob makes official visit to Mexico

The Straits Times-16 hours ago

SINGAPORE – Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob will make an official visit to Mexico from Sunday (April 23) to Friday (April 28), at the …

la penita rv

Macro-tunnel Mexico’s most costly highway

Mexico News Daily

One of Mexico’s newest stretches of highway is the most expensive in the country to drive, with a cost per kilometer of nine pesos.

Feluke heads to Mexico for treatment

Jamaica Observer

Reggae singer/percussionist Denver “Feluke” Smith will journey to Mexico today to begin his 21-day cancer treatment. In an interview with the …

Exclusive: US offers to fund Mexico heroin fight as 2016 output …


The U.S. offer to help fund Mexico’s war on poppy cultivation stands in stark contrast to Trump’s threats to rip up the North American Free Trade …

Mexico legend Cuauhtemoc Blanco ‘fears for his life’ after being …

The Sun

The former Mexico international, who won 120 caps, has been accused by the alleged hitman who carried out the slaying. Blanco said: “Yes …

The decisive goal: Blanco bags Mexico’s maiden title

North America’s most breathtaking places: Havana, Mexico City …

At the Mayan ruins of Tulum in southern Mexico, the warm breeze caresses your skin as you look out onto the turquoise-hued waters of the …

The Shocking Bloody Tale of Mexico’s Most Corrupt Governor

Daily Beast

TIJUANA, Mexico—“I’m good, thanks,” said Mexico’s worst living former governor at his extradition hearing on Wednesday, when asked by a …

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US, Mexico officials await decision on Yarrington’s extradition


“The governments of the United States and Mexico have agreed that, in the event of a favorable decision by the Italian judicial authorities …

A sweltering sight-seeing jog through Mexico

While running through Mérida, Mexico, during the siesta hour, there seems to be a magical quality to the light. The richly verdant palm leaves, …

Faceted wooden panels form Mexico City cafe by Esrawe and Cadena


Mexican firms Esrawe Studio and Cadena y Associados have collaborated on the design of Tierra Garat, a new cafe in Mexico City’s …

Kansas corn growers look to Mexico as top trade partner

High Plains Journal

Increasing concerns about trade relations with Mexico spurred Kansas Corn along with the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas …

Mexico’s Asylum Application Numbers Are Up by 150% Since the …


The number of asylum applications received by Mexico has spiked by 150% in the months after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, while …

Immigrants staying in Mexico, not coming to US

ad Hinde and Jaimes

Asylum applications in Mexico have soared 150% since Trump’s …
Highly Cited-The Guardian-Apr 18, 2017

Exclusive: Asylum applications in Mexico surge after Trump election …
Highly Cited-Reuters

No, Mexico City Is Not ‘The New Berlin’

Huffington Post-

There are many cool and wonderful things about Mexico City. But let’s not kid ourselves. This place is no bohemian utopia and certainly not the …

No Congress members along Mexico border support funding …
The Hill

Trump tells DREAMers to ‘rest easy’ — but one in Mexico can’t


President Trump on Friday told young undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children — known as DREAMers — to “rest …

Mexico’s Revenge

The Atlantic

When Donald Trump first made sport of thumping Mexico—when he accused America’s neighbor of exporting rapists and “bad hombres,” when …

Mexico probe into suspected student massacre ‘has stalled’


A human rights commission has accused Mexican investigators of stalling in their inquiry into the disappearance of 43 students in 2014.

Mexico’s Jobless Rate at Multiyear Low

Wall Street Journal

MEXICO CITY—Mexico’s unemployment rate held steady in March at a multiyear low amid solid job creation in the private sector, which …

Corruption at a Level of Audacity ‘Never Seen in Mexico’

New York Times

MEXICO CITY — When the authorities caught up with him at a lakeside hotel in Guatemala this past weekend, Javier Duarte, a fugitive former …

Mexico arrests fail to satisfy anti-corruption critics
Financial Times

Mexico coach expects ‘very different’ USMNT in June qualifier


NEW YORK (AP) — Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio expects a “very different” United States team for their World Cup qualifier in June at …


ad consdos carey

Party Down South for Easter Holiday   

 Tara A. Spears

Since Mexico has some of the loveliest beaches in the world, gorgeous sunsets, and a super fun attitude, it’s no wonder that tens of thousands of people take advantage of the two week national holiday by visiting the coast.

The president of the Guayabitos Association of Hotels and Motels, Alejandro Chávez Bustos, said that traditionally Guayabitos and La Penita have 100% capacity for the Easter vacation period and this year is no exception. Senor Chavez reported that during Easter, there is a multijurisdictional security operation planned by authorities in Rincon de Guayabitos, Los Ayala and La Peñita. This security effort consists of continuous surveillance maintained by the Mexican Navy and local police, first aid, lifeguard, traffic regulation, and rescue operation (EMT) throughout the beaches. Just the presence of police is a great deterrent to beach robbery or fights from too much ceberza.

While many parts of Mexico observe the holiday with passion plays and processions, the more secular west coast area is a feast of popular cuisine. Thirsty revelers guzzle aguas frescas- water flavored with local tropical fruits or coconut, vast quantities of tequila and beer; and the abacoa and cerviche tacos from the roving vendors are in high demand.  Holy week is the traditional start of Mexico’s ice cream season: pushcarts that are loaded with tubs of ice cream or the popular fresh fruit ice bars on a stick, called paletas, roam the beaches and village streets calling out “nievees”. Vendors also sell snow cone-like shaved ices known as raspados. The dulces regionales-candies made from coconut, tamarind and other regional ingredients- are sold by industrious vendors trudging with wheelbarrows through the sand.

Another holiday beach staple is the strolling musicians. The boisterous sound of competing bands keeps everyone in a party mood. It’s  delightful to see multi-generational musicians as well as the extended families celebrating together. And if the fun in the sun doesn’t wear you out, there is partying after dark!  Look at the main intersection of downtown Guayabitos: closed to vehicles for dancing in the streets. All of the celebrating comes with an excess of trash, as the morning picture of the same intersection shows.


The Hotel Association and individual towns are on top of the trash issue with extra pickups. In advance of this mega tourist season the local stores prepared by stockpiling the high demand items such as toilet tissue, beer, booze, and beverages. The steady stream of large overloaded delivery trucks clogging the always challenging highway 200 was replaced by an even larger stream of tour buses and cars! All one can do is have patience and pass the driving time by counting cars or people watching.

 Dramatic changes:  During this super season, it takes 45 minutes to go from Guayabitos to La Penita. With the explosion of additional smart phones, the internet and local cell service is slow and intermittent. Patience, patience is required.

All of the visitors have vehicles that have to go somewhere, so the normal streets are nearly impassable.

Any unguarded bit of land will become the impromptu site of campers; think of the sanitation issues.

The 2017 spring break season has experienced near perfect weather and record breaking crowds. The excitement is palpable as families come from all over the world to enjoy lovely Jaltemba Bay. But due to the excellent civic preparation, the thousands of visitors will go home only with good memories and a sunburn.

Mexico City re-enacts the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Mexico City- Every April for the last 174 years, massive crowds have been gathering in Iztapalapa, Mexico City, to express their Catholic …

Another journalist is gunned down in Mexico — the fourth in just six …

Los Angeles Times

Another journalist has been killed in Mexico — the fourth in just six weeks. Authorities said reporter Maximino Rodriguez Palacios was shot …

Mexico: Fourth Reporter Shot Dead Within Six Weeks
teleSUR English

ad consdos carey

In a shift, deportees find ‘open arms’ in Mexico

Santa Fe New Mexican

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president dashed to the airport to greet a planeload of deportees. The education minister rushed to the Texas border …

Javier Duarte: Accused governor detained in Guatemala

A fugitive former governor of Mexico’s Veracruz state suspected of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars has been detained in Guatemala …

Mexico arrests fugitive ex-governor with the help of Guatemala – PGR
Opinion-The Star Online

Mexico has an ace up its sleeve: China

The Intelligencer

Mexico has been the object of Trump’s “affections” dating to early in the last presidential campaign. Building a wall to stop illegal immigration …

Between the US and Mexico: What Migrants Left Behind

Voice of America

An art exhibition in New York highlights undocumented immigrants and the items they left behind while crossing hostile desert territory from …

Jerry Brown pardons three veterans deported to Mexico

Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown, in a spring tradition timed to coincide with the Easter renewal, extended pardons Saturday to three people who served in the …

Family killed during visit to cave in central-east Mexico

New Zealand Herald

MEXICO CITY (AP) ” Prosecutors say a couple and their son were killed during an Easter week visit to a cave in central-east Mexico that is …

Could the United States Have Gone to War with France over Mexico?

The National Interest Online

The continued presence of a handpicked French puppet emperor in Mexico, which had so worried the Lincoln administration during the Civil …

Mexico revives 3000-year-old ancient ball game

BBC News

Organisers have been trying to bring back the game, known as Ullamaliztli in Mexico, because of its ancient cultural and religious significance.

la penita rv

Search launched for missing local migrant-rights activist in central …

The San Diego Union-Tribune

News of his disappearance has gone viral and been shared on social media throughout activist networks in both the U.S. and Mexico. Castro, a …

San Diego Activist Disappears In Mexico After Begging For Help On …

Alabama Company Bids to Build Border Wall With Mexico

U.S. News & World Report

(AP) — An Alabama-based perimeter security manufacturer has placed a bid to build President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

Another Fugitive Mexican Governor Faces New Charges in US …

Breitbart News

MCALLEN, Texas — A cartel-linked fugitive Mexican governor who continues to be on the run is now facing additional charges after authorities …

Christians in Mexico covered with CACTI for Good Friday

Daily Mail

Christians in Mexico have covered themselves with hundreds of cacti, shackled themselves with chains and worn crowns of thorns to …

Wall Street’s Adoration For Mexico Waning


Mexico, beat up by POTUS, beloved by Wall Street. One of the best big emerging market investment this year from a country perspective is …

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Mexico Economy Starts Year Well Despite Trump’s Threats
Voice of America

Fledgling pro league trying to gain foothold with Mexico’s NFL fans


Mexico City Mayas players sign autographs for some of the underprivileged children who get free tickets to LFA games. Jonathan Levinson for …

Mexican tourists don’t want to visit Trump’s America. It will cost us …

Los Angeles Times

The firm estimates that Mexico-to-U.S. travel will diminish even further in 2018, with 2.6 million lost visits and direct economic losses totaling …

Mexico’s Isla Holbox: This way to relaxation

Hamilton Spectator

ISLA HOLBOX, Mexico — Several weeks before I found myself uncomfortably close to the world’s largest shark, I told a few folks I would be …

States fear trade war with Mexico

Fox News

No one disputes the massive overall trade deficit with Mexico, or the loss of American manufacturing jobs in particular. Earlier this year …

Nursery workers from Mexico take Trump, immigration politics in …

Massive new spider with red fangs discovered in caves in Mexico

CBBC Newsround

Researchers have discovered a new species of spider living in caves in Mexico. They noticed its unusually large size and two terrifying red …

New species alert: Massive, cave-dwelling spider discovered in …
CBS News

Wait, What?! US Sheriff Proposes to Use MOAB in Mexico

Sputnik International

Who needs a wall when you have the “Mother of All Bombs,” right? An outspoken US Sheriff in his recent controversial tweet made a …

24 killed in Mexico when bus, fuel tanker collide

CTV News

MEXICO CITY — Twenty-four people are dead and nine others injured after a passenger bus was hit head-on by a tanker truck carrying fuel in …

Bus crash with fuel tanker in Mexico kills at least 24

Despite hysteria over ICE raids, removals decline in first three …


For all the sound of fury from the Left about overzealous immigration enforcement, deportations to Mexico last month declined by about 3,600 …

Celebrating Holy Week in Mexico


For one week in April, one of Mexico City’s most dangerous suburbs is transfigured. Rivalries are forgotten, the daily struggle is surrendered …

After 19 years in Detroit, immigrant dad is deported to Mexico

Detroit Free Press

Mario Hernandez-Delacruz, 44, an undocumented immigrant living in Detroit whose case has been supported by community advocates, was …

The race to save Mexico’s vaquita from extinction

San Felipe, Mexico – Somewhere deep in the blue waters of the Gulf of California, off the coast of northern Mexico, swim the last of the vaquitas.

Chefs’ Secret For More Flavorful Tortillas? Heirloom Corn From Mexico


On a sunny morning in Guadalupe Victoria, near the Guatemalan border in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, Hilda Pastor is washing corn in her …

Mexico: body of man ‘thrown from plane’ found on hospital roof

The Guardian

Soldiers stand guard where the body of a man, who witnesses said was tossed from a plane, landed on a hospital roof in Mexico’s Sinaloa state …

Canada, US, Mexico want quick answer on 2026 World Cup bid

In a letter seen by The Associated Press, the soccer federations from the United States, Canada and Mexico asked FIFA to consider their …

What might the 2026 tournament look like?

ad Hinde and Jaimes

Feature Photo
Baja Bites. – photo by Gary Graham


Report: Canada, USA, Mexico to make joint bid for 2026 World Cup

The World Cup could be returning to North America in 2026.

According to CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani, Canada, the United States and Mexico will make a joint bid for the 2026 World Cup, per David Conn of the Guardian.

“Canada, the U.S. and Mexico are aiming for a joint bid, the idea has been around for a while, discussions are continuing and it is a very exciting proposition if it comes to fruition,” said Montagliani. “We have had nothing but positive remarks about it and it is a very strong sign of what football can do to bring countries together.”

Feature Photo
Zihuatanejo. – photo by Dean Miller


Feature Photo
Cozumel photo by Mik n Drik



March 20 a Mexican Holiday Celebrating Benito Juárez

In the gallery of Mexican historical heroes, none loom larger than Benito Juárez. Between 1858-1872 Benito Juarez served five terms as president, which included turbulent times for Mexico.

March 20 is a National Holiday, with banks, government offices and many businesses closed as Mexico celebrates Benito Juárez, who rose from humble origins to occupy the Presidency of the Republic on several occasions during the turbulent second half of the 19th century. Though Juarez’s birthday is actually March 21, the national holiday is celebrated every year on the third Monday of March (which this year falls on the 20th), to make a three-day weekend out of it.

One of Mexico’s most renowned Presidents, often referred to as “the Lincoln of Mexico,” Juarez is remembered for resisting the French occupation, overthrowing the Empire, and restoring the Republic, as well as for his liberal efforts to modernize the country. He was also the first indigenous man to be elected president of the United States of Mexico.

Born in the small Oaxacan village of San Pablo Guelatao in 1806, his is the classic folk-tale of the underdog who makes good; of an orphaned shepherd-boy who walked the 35 rugged miles to Oaxaca, speaking only Zapotec; of a liberal whose perseverance and unswerving vision won him an education, a career and a place in history as a reformer and statesman of note.Juarez’s life story is fascinating, a real example of determination. Young Benito was orphaned at four, labored as a shepherd, and didn’t even speak Spanish or read and write any language until after moving to Oaxaca City at age 13. There he learned to speak, read and write Spanish, studied law, married, and entered politics.

Upon entering politics in 1834, Juarez served as a city councilman in Oaxaca, judge, a congressman, a senator, the governor of Oaxaca, as well as Mexico’s justice minister and chief justice, until he was finally elected President in 1858.

Between 1858-1872 Benito Juarez served five terms as president, which included turbulent times for Mexico. In fact, he was president during two civil wars.

The first was the bloody “War of the Reform” (1858-1861), between Juarez’ “liberals” and the “conservatives” who occupied Mexico City for most of the war. During this conflict, Juarez himself was captured, barely escaping a firing squad in Guadalajara.

That war was followed shortly after by the “French Intervention” of 1862-1867, in which the Mexican monarchists, the French Foreign Legion, and the Austrian Emperor Maximilian ruled from Mexico City, doggedly opposed by President Benito Juarez, who ran his Republic from the north of the country. After the Republican victory and Juarez’s return to Mexico City, he continued as president (re-elected in 1867 and 1871) until 1872, when he died of a heart attack working at his desk in Mexico City.

The period of his leadership is known in Mexican history as La Reforma del Norte (The Reform of the North), and constituted a liberal political and social revolution with major institutional consequences: the expropriation of church lands, the subordination of army to civilian control, liquidation of peasant communal land holdings, and the separation of church and state in public affairs.

For these accomplishments he is often regarded as one of Mexico’s greatest and most beloved leaders whose influence is still felt today.

 Why Mexico City authorities install ‘penis seat’ on metro

When commuters on the Mexico City Metro are on their way to work, they are faced with something strange: a seat molded to look like a male body, complete with genitalia and a sign on the window labeling the seat ‘for men only’.

A sign on the floor in front of the seat explains: “it is annoying to travel this way, but not compared to the sexual violence women suffer in their daily commutes.”

The fixture is part of a campaign by the United Nations and the Mexico City authorities to bring light to sexual harassment on public transportation.

The seat was recently featured in an online video from the campaign, showing multiple passengers looking confused and attempting to sit down on the unusual seat. “Nine out of 10 women in Mexico City have been victims of some form of sexual violence in their daily transfers,” the video concludes as reported by The Telegraph.

The campaign has been praised for bringing issues to the forefront, but some have said that this still fails to address the root causes of harassment of women in Mexico.

When the campaign began earlier this month, Ana Güezmes of UN Women Mexico stated that “most men do not consider sexual harassment as violence. Saying things to a woman, whistling at them, are considered absolutely normal.”

“The campaign seeks to change (this view), to stop men from thinking that sexual harassment is normal,” she continued, before adding, “there are many men who do not harass women, and we want these men to be brave and go out and say that harassment is not normal.”

Feature Photo
Queretero photo by Ruben Juarez



bell2 lot

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Insuring Your Car in Mexico
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If you are driving your car improperly insured in Mexico and you become involved in an accident it will, at best, cost you a lot of money and, at worst, leave you imprisoned in a Mexican jail house. Presenting a U.S. or Canadian auto insurance policy will be of no use because these documents have no legal or actual force in Mexico, and the companies backing them will not settle any claim arising when you or your car are situated south of the border.
Drivers who are involved in serious accidents in Mexico are usually arrested pending investigation. If you are not properly insured in Mexico and become involved in a serious accident—even if it’s not your fault—these procedures will likely place a great deal of stress and financial burden upon you.
This guide explains how insurance works in Mexico and how to go about buying the additional insurance protection you need to ensure that you, your passengers, and your vehicle are properly insured when driving on Mexican soil and that, in the event of a serious accident, you are properly covered by a legally-valid and adequate insurance policy.
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