Worth Traveling to Experience Mariachi Music Festival

mariachi 2Worth Traveling to Experience Mariachi Music Festival

Tara A. Spears

mariachiIn honor of the birthday of mariachi style music, the state of Jalisco and the city of Guadalajara put on a superb celebration. The 23rd edition of the International Mariachi Festival runs from 26 August to 4 September, 2016. This year’s festival has scheduled 300 activities over ten days, concluding with a grand finale concert performed by international mariachi star, Alejandro Fernández. And this is only one of many organizers that develops entertainment throughout the month of September. It is more than back to back music; it is dancing beauties, contests, traditional food and excitement!

At a recent press conference, the president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) Guadalajara, Fernando Topete Davila said the highlight of the festival is undoubtedly the show by Alejandro Fernandez, first photo. The largest attendance will be for the Sunday parade, which this year will be on August 28 at 10:00a.m.that features a motorized military squadron, stunning floats, dancing girls in folkloric costumes besides prancing horses and a thousand 200 artists on a stage.

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On a quieter note there are two sung Masses, one in the Guadalajara Cathedral and another at the Basilica of Zapopan; Free public galas in Liberation Square; shopping malls offer strolling musicians. Almost every city park and all of the concert theaters will have daily entertainment. The two weekends offer three concerts a day at the Cultural Pavilion in the historic downtown.    

This year there are seven nations that have sent bands to compete in the festival, including two from the United States and one from Canada. Sunday evening hosts a huge gala concert at Plaza Liberation starting at 6:30 p.m. with performs on three stages!

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Mariachi Galas Teatro Degollado will be hosting daily rodeo events as September is also an anniversary of that sport. The 2016 Charro Championship has 24 national teams in the Lienzo Charro Nito Aceves signed up for ten different competitions. If cows and horses aren’t your thing, there are lots of rides and an educational concert for children in the Magic Trompo.

Another really fun and interesting event that is sponsored by the planning committee is to try to establish some aspect of Mexican culture in the Guinness World Record book. “With these events the Mexican culture and tradition are promoted,” said the organizer of Mariachi Festival and president of the National local Chamber of Commerce, Carlos Mateos Mateos. “The 2016 challenge is to create the largest mosaic of traditional Mexican sombreros. We have organized a mosaic 20 meters long and eight high, two thousand sombreros, because the existing record is held by Germany with 1925 sombreros,” said Mateos.

Some of the previous Mariachi Festival events that set a Guinness Records are: Guadalajara has the record for the greatest number of mariachis playing in unison twice; of the most twirling ropers; couple dancing in traditional costumes to the sound of mariachi; Skirmish performing charro for 10 minutes in the Glorieta Minerva; people singing the theme “Cielito Lindo” for three minutes; and the largest concentration of Jimadores (pickers) of agave in history.

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Throughout every Jalisco small town and city there will be parades, food, music, and celebrating throughout the month, so join the lively activities to experience the joy of Mexico. Bravery, passion, and independence: lots to celebrate in September, making it a great time to visit!