Women to Women Fashion Show Continues Funding 17 Scholars

Women to Women Fashion Show Continues Funding 17 Scholars

Tara A. Spears



      All seventeen of the current Women to Women Scholarship

Students are receiving their awards this summer due to the various configurations of the Mexican University academic year. Although only three new young women were added to the roster, that was in addition to 14 ongoing students. The talent and excitement of these bright young women is a joy to behold! Many of them attend classes continuously so there is no hanging on the beach for these ladies.

The fields of study range from medical to business: physical therapist, registered nurse, doctor, nutricionist, pediatrician, psychologist, labatory analysis; lawyer; architect; graphic artist; and certified public accountant. Jaltemba Bay will be greatly impacted by the knowledge these young women will bring back and share with the community.

Go to our website for more information or to make a Pay Pal donation:


http://mujeresamujeres .com

 In order to continue this vital service, Women to Women needs your continued financial support. By having a great time with your friends, Jaltemba Bay benefits all year long.

 2016 Fashion Show Tuesday, January 26.


Join us for a Roaring 20s party, food, and fashion!