Volunteer Meeting for Cancer de Mama Clinic January 11, 2016

Volunteer Meeting for Cancer de Mama Clinic January 11, 2016                     cm1    

Tara A. Spears

I’m really in the holiday spirit when I mark the calendar for the next Cancer de Mama volunteer meeting, Monday, January 11, 2016. After all, isn’t the true meaning of Christmas sharing with family and friends? Over the years, all of the kind people who organize and volunteer at the annual clinic for Mexican survivors of breast cancer have become like family to me. The courageous clients are friends that I hope to see return each year. I may not speak their language but hugs say all that each of us needs to know. Because of the huge need for this service- providing prosthesis and specially fitted bras that are out of financial reach for most of the women- I have learned so much about the power of little people making a big difference. I am a better person after each clinic, for seeing more than 500 women overcome their worst nightmare, cancer. It’s not a time of sadness, though. The clinic is hope and friendship and laughter through the tears.cm5cm6

 A general meeting for everyone will be held January 11, 9:00 a.m. at the poolside patio in La Penita RV Park just north of the main entrance to La Penita. “Please come out, bring your ideas and sign up for the department you want to help in,” invites Susan Sloan, volunteer coordinator.  “The Cancer de Mama clinic cannot operate without you, the volunteer.”


There are so many ways to help: hands are needed to prepare and serve lunch for the clients; sort and distribute prothesises; fit the clients, make-up, wigs and head coverings; free store; sewing bras, and more. Attend the meeting or go on the website to learn more: www.cancerdemamaclinic.com to learn about the various jobs.



For more information or to donate, contact Susan Sloan: [email protected] or Carole Thacker: [email protected]

The 2016 Cancer de Mama Clinic will be held on February 5, 6, & 7th 

The clinic location is moving to the Senior Center in La Penita (Club de la Tercera Edad),

Calle Bahia de Guaymas #18 (between Crisanto Jacobo and Laureles y Gongora Calles)


Come to the volunteer meeting and see for yourself why those that come once to the clinic keep coming back.cm7