Quality Vet Care from the Heart: Dr. Aldo

Quality Vet Care from the Heart: Dr. Aldoaldo

               Tara A. Spears

  If you are like most people that have a pet, it isn’t just an animal but a member of the family. I know many individuals who spend as much money on their dog/cat as feeding the rest of the family. That being said, these same responsible pet owners want quality medical care for their furry children. Jaltemba Bay is fortunate to have a top notch local vet who specializes in small animal care, Dr. Aldo Barba Hernandez.

Aldo was born and raised in La Penita. He attended the local schools and graduated from Conalep before going off to the University Autonoma de Nayarit. Graduating with his veterinarian degree in 2011, Aldo returned home to set up his practice. “I always loved animals as a child,” he said. “I knew that I wanted to spend my life helping those without a voice (animals). It is not a job for me, it is an opportunity to use my knowledge and training to prevent illness and relieve an animal’s pain.” It is Aldo’s kind bedside manner that earns the trust of the many four legged patients.aldo 3

also 2When he is not in the office, Aldo enjoys going to the beach, reading, and visiting with his family. “I try do things better each day,” said Aldo. “My dream is to be able to expand my clinic to include a lab for blood work and an Xray machine besides adding exam rooms.”

In addition to the six days a week that the clinic is open, Dr. Aldo is available after hours for emergency care. His clinic offers a variety of pet medications, heartworm, and flea/tick treatments, besides healthy pet food. Surgery to spay or neuter, yearly vaccinations and travel check-ups are available during office hours. Barba’s assistant accepts appointments for grooming and bathing.


Aldo Barba is the “go to” vet for JBAR in La Penita. Just this summer Dr. Barba worked hard to sterilize, vaccinate, and provide medical and surgical treatments for 230 animals in the area for Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue. You will find him assisting the Canadian vets at the upcoming JBAR Spay/Neuter Clinic November 4-7.

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My pets look forward to going to Barba Veterinarian Clinic so I trust Dr. Aldo to help my beloved friends stay healthy. Barba’s Veterinary Clinic only provides quality, loving care for your special friend.

Clinica Veterinaria Barba: English spoken

Vasco de Gama No 20      (1 street south of main Ave.)

Tel: 327-274-0129   or cell: 322-148-9999

Email: [email protected]


Monday-Friday: 8:30-2:00, 4:00-7:00

Saturday             9:00-2:00