Putting on a condom: mayor shows how

Putting on a condom: mayor shows how

Mayor of a Mexico City borough offers a graphic demonstration

A health fair in Mexico City Sunday was called Hugs and Kisses, but the mayor took the action well beyond that stage with a graphic display of safe sex.

The event was held to mark Mexico’s Valentine’s Day, known as the Day of Love and Friendship, and its theme was sexual rights and responsibilities: avoiding sexual transmission of disease and preventing pregnancy.

Mayor Dione Anguiano of Iztapalapa, the city’s most populous borough with close to 2 million inhabitants, chose the latter topic for her demonstration before an audience of some 2,000 people, mostly youths.

The task to be demonstrated was giving oral sex with a condom. The method entailed putting the prophylactic in place on a plastic penis using the mouth. A video, published below, shows not only that the mayor had no qualms