Organization launched to battle corruption in Mexico

Organization launched to battle corruption in Mexico

Platform Against Impunity and Corruption made up of various groups, individuals

National and international non-governmental organizations along with human rights advocates, academics and journalists have united in a crusade against corruption by creating Plataforma Contra la Impunidad y la Corrupción, or Platform Against Impunity and Corruption.

Its membership includes 20 Mexican organizations, three international ones and over 50 individuals who share the same interests and goals.

“We are diverse groups, giving us the tools needed to have an impact on these issues,” said Maria Elena Morera, representative of the group and president of the NGO México Unido Contra la Delincuencia, or Mexico United Against Crime.

She said Mexican governmental institutions have failed to solve insecurity, impunity and corruption issues.

The platform intends to become “a local, national and international reference point in the fight against impunity, and to be acknowledged as a key actor in the process of constructing a democratic society.”

To this end, the organization will “constitute itself as a link in issues of impunity, corruption truth and justice for institutions, academics and other civil society players.”

The Platform’s general assembly is divided in a coordinating commission and a technical secretariat. This last section will focus on five main areas: analysis and investigation, incidence and public policy, communication and campaigns, articulation and networking, and administration.

In a statement published on the Platform’s website, the organization declares that the main obstacle in the fight against corruption is the “pact of impunity” enjoyed by political elites and their unwillingness to break it.

“The political class has found the way to neutralize all accountability mechanisms that should control it.”

“If the current impunity and corruption crisis is to be overcome, international cooperation will be needed to develop genuinely independent mechanisms for the investigation and prosecution of crime that also guarantee the right to know the truth,” says the statement.