Octaviano Figueroa: Getting Results for Guayabitos

Octaviano Figueroa: Getting Results for Guayabitos

Octaviano Figueroa: Getting Results for Guayabitos

Octaviano Figueroa: Getting Results for Guayabitos    

Tara A. Spears

Some people work to make money; some work because they enjoy the activity; others work because they believe in what they do. Local elected politician, Octaviano Figueroa, works for free because he loves his county, his town, and his community.actav2

Growing up in the tiny rural settlement of Altavista, Nayarit, Octaviano dreamed big: he wanted to make a difference. Fortunately, he was given determination, talent, and tenacity so that he was able to overcome many obstacles. As a child, Octaviano ate breakfast at 4 am in order to catch the bus to high school which was located in San Pancho. But as one of eight children and the first in his family to go to university, Octaviano was determined to do well.

Imagine the culture shock for a teen coming from such an isolated mountain area to travel to the country’s largest city, Mexico City! It was sensory overload to absorb the of the density and variety of magnificent buildings, plazas, and ornate monuments. Inspired, Octaviano undertook the five year architectural program, graduating and then earning his license to practice as an architect. His advanced studies qualified Octaviano for the highest level, ‘qualified expert’ which means that he can approve/ reject building plans if the plan does not comply with zoning or structural regulations.octav3

He chose to return to his roots in coastal Nayarit in order to be close to his family. Initially Octaviano worked for ten years with SIEPA, the municipal sewer and water management office. He also started a private architectural business, OCFISA Arquitectos, 27 years ago. With his strong work ethic, advanced training and dedication to his community, it’s only natural that Octaviano would step up and get involved with local politics. “It has been exciting to witness and to be a part of the growth of Jaltemba Bay,” said Octaviano. “The rapid development of Rincon de Guayabitos is especially notable. Originally there were only two hotels on the ocean- now it is wall to wall.”                          

Along the path towards politics, Octaviano completed the requirements to be a notario. “My father couldn’t read or write but he instilled in the family a sense of civic responsibility. I have a belief that hard work will improve the quality of life.”

Currently, Octaiviano is the City magistrate for the town of Guayabitos (Juez Auxiliar a Municipio de Compostela in Spanish) as well as the Coordinador de Zona at Nayarit Confía. He is about midway through his four year term. The newly remodeled Guayabitos town plaza is an example of Ocaviano’s vision.

“When you enter Rincón de Guayabitos the first thing that is noticed is a tank in the form of a flying saucer,” said Octaviano. “Other distinct architecture is the arches of the Guayabitos civic plaza and the unique design of the Catholic church. The town is beautiful, but too eclectic. The visitor will soon realize that the town lacks unity and that whatever original plan has been lost; the present day Guayabitos has evolved into a series of buildings without (cohesive) architectural style.” One of Octaviano’s official goals is to develop an attractive town aesthetic that exemplifies the personality of the community.octav 4

Octaviano’ leadership is not in a vacuum, however. He works well with other government administrators, here and in Compostella. At a recent work meeting with a variety of special interests, Octaviano said, “Let us together build a better tourist destination for our Jaltemba Bay; individually, we can go forward but together can we accomplish more and accomplish more quickly.” Some of Octaviano’s priority projects include: improving the infrastructure, specifically the sewer system and source of municipal water; developing a reliable waste management system that encompasses beach litter control. Not only are municipal trash cans needed but signage throughout town. It’s more than just sticking up warning signs; what’s needed is authority to level fines for litering.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Mexican government system for our area, the town of Compostella is the location of the state and federal officials that must give approval for projects and who control the tax funding.

Not only must Octaviano coordinate the wants and needs of the local citizens but he must also support the growth of business by working with the Guayabitos Hotel Association while getting the support of the Compostella council. “I am grateful for the support and commitment of the Municipal President, Alicia Monroy Lizzola, to push this project so that this work is carried out as soon as possible.”

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The following photos show Octaviano receiving an award, Octaviano out in the field with dignitaries from Compostella, and after a meeting with the Jaltemba Bay officials.

As Octaviano summarized this philosophy, he state, “The town expansion and new building is an opportunity for improvement but it takes all of us- residents, international people, government, and tourists- working together to impact the quality of life in the community.”

Under the capable and dedicated leadership of Octaviano, Guayabitos will only get better and better!.

Octaviano welcomes your concerns and input. Contact him via email: ocfisa@yahoo.com or on facebook: Arquitecto Figueroa

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Special thanks goes to Eddie Dominguez for translating!