No additional cost for long-distance Mexico

No additional cost for long-distance

A telephone call within Mexico is now a local call, effective today

It will cost more to gas up today, but less to make some phone calls.

Effective today, there is no such thing as a long-distance charge for telephone calls within Mexico, from either fixed-line or cellular phones. Elimination of the charge came with federal telecommunications reforms.

Mexico’s dominant player in the telephone business took the new rules a step further this week by eliminating international long-distance charges as well. Carlos Slim’s Telmex made changes to its telephone and internet packages by dropping tariffs on worldwide long-distance calling.


It also included its video-on-demand service, ClaroVideo, as part of the packages, without additional cost. Those changes also take effect today.

Gas and diesel fuel went up today by 3%, based on the projected inflation rate. It will be the only increase this year.

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