National Media Campaign

National Media Campaign Kick-Off for Jaltemba Bay Tourism Draws a Crowd

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Santovalcanovascompostallasenior rodrigas

Governor Sandoval, Sr.     Conovas-Profepa,       Compostella,      Sr Rodriguez-Senornat  


The Casa Blanca Hotel on the beach in Rincon de Guayabitos hosted the Nayarit Governor, Roberto Sandoval, and a flock of other state officials as well as the mayor and local politicos to initiate a national media campaign for Jaltemba Bay. The hour and a half long event drew a crowd of over 500 citizens besides television, radio, and news reporters.




“Guayabitos has the natural beauty and activities that tourist want,” said Sandoval. The aim of this national campaign is to increase the public awareness of what Guayabitos and Nayarit has to offer. We will be just as well known as Jalisco and Puerto Vallarta!” (Loosely translated from the Spanish.) The crowd cheered the rhetoric and the implied economic improvement for the area. Children presented souvenir shirts to the governor and other dignitaries. Not only is there a professional video that markets the Jaltemba Bay – and will be aired on national TV- but a catchy ballad accompanied by a mariachi band about Guayabitos rated applause.

 ejido hotel grop

Alejandro Rafael           Israel Hernandez     Paco, Roberto Huerto, Pedro Delado

President Hotel Assc.       Pres Ejido           local govt, managers of Profepa

There were many green shirts and card carrying ‘Vigilante Ambiental’- Environmental Watchdog-members in the crowd. In addition, lots of upper management PROFEPA were in attendance.

 family green2 green


The Federal Prosecutor for Environmental Protection, PROFEPA, was born from the need to address and check the growing environmental deterioration in Mexico. The environmental concerns are not only in its cities, but also in Mexican forests, jungles, deserts, and coastline, which, coupled with a series of unfortunate events, led to the Federal Executive implementing public policies related to the environment. This new regulation creates an agency that has the power to regulate risky industrial activities, and to control the contamination to the ground and air, besides caring for Mexican natural resources.

It is excellent to see the local business and political leaders strive to expand tourism to the area, investing large sums of money for the media campaign. Perhaps these same leaders will address the infrastructure issues of sewage treatment next……

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