Mexican Flag Day Celebration February 24

Mexican Flag Day Celebration February 24

Tara A. Spears

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You’ll be sure to notice all the Mexican flags that will be hoisted high in front of offices, government buildings, and some homes on Wednesday, February 24. Mexico’s Flag Day, Día de la Bandera, celebrates the national flag, which features vertical stripes of red, white and green with the national coat of arms in the middle of the white stripe. Thousands of people attend events held across Mexico to honor the federal flag and what it symbolizes.

Mexicans first celebrated the country’s current flag on February 24, 1937. The design of this flag was used in 1821 and the current flag was officially adopted in 1968. Its colors – red, white, and green – are the national liberation army’s colors.

The symbol on the flag pays tribute to a native Indian legend. The emblem centered in the white band, depicts the story of Aztecs who built their empire on a spot where they found an eagle eating a snake on top of a cactus. It is believed that the incident of the eagle and snake was a sign given by one of their gods and the place where it happened is today’s capital, Mexico City.  

It’s interesting to learn what the flag colors symbolize: The green stands for hope and victory, the white stands for purity; and the red band represents the blood that was shed by their ancestors. The Mexican national flag is very important to loyal citizens because it signifies freedom, justice and citizenship. The Mexican flag is a source of pride because its shield and colors represent the origins, principles, courage, and struggle of the Mexican nation.

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Over the years, different flags have represented Mexico, but the flag that was used in the Declaration of Independence, with some modifications, is the flag that currently represents Mexico.

 On February 24, 1935, Benito Ramirez an employee of the Bank of Mexico, organized a guard of honor in tribute to the Flag of Mexico. This practice continued until 1940, when President Lázaro Cárdenas declared that February 24 was officially Flag Day.

From then on, every year Mexicans honor the flag with ceremonies that commemorate the heroes who gave their life for Mexico’s freedom and independence.

flag 4 flag 5 This observance is classified as a civic holiday which means that it is observed nationally but it is not mandatory to provide employees with a paid day off or holiday pay if they work. This holiday does not cause bank or school closings.

 Flag day is a time that Mexicans take to remember their country and how it came into being. In the schools, the children learn about the origins of the flag and the national anthem; TV shows and special programs also celebrate the flag5event. 

Celebrating flag day is a wonderful tradition of a proud and brave people.  Viva Mexico!