Jalisco Goes for the World’s Largest Guacamole Record

Jalisco Goes for the World’s Largest Guacamole Record

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Producers from the state of Jalisco are set to use 4.2 metric tons (MT) of avocados for the record-smashing feat of setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest portion of guacamole ever made.

Jalisco, Mexico – Avocado growers and enthusiasts will converge on the quaint Jalisco town of Concepción de Buenos Aires on September 3 to witness an attempt to prepare the world’s biggest ever portion of guacamole.

In a release, Jalisco Secretary of Rural Development (SEDER) Héctor Padilla Gutiérrez said the event was aimed at highlighting the crop’s rapid rise in the state.

“In 2012 40,000MT of avocados were harvested in Jalisco. For 2016 we have 120,000MT registered in the Agricultural and Fisheries Information System,” Padilla Gutiérrez said.

He added that out of the 2012 crop 12,000MT were exported, but that figure rose to 28,000MT in 2014 and then to 69,000MT last year.

The initiative aims to show off the tourism credentials of various areas around Sierra del Tigre, where Concepción de Buenos Aires is located.

But a good guacamole requires more than just avocados. For the guacamole, Jalisco avocado growers will be working in cooperation with onion growers from Tizapán, tomato producers from Autlán, and lime growers from San Martin Hidalgo, as well as students from 12 culinary schools and members of the National Chamber of the Food and Restaurant Industry (CANIRAC).

The guacamole is expected to weigh in at 3.5MT, incorporating 4.2MT of avocados, 500kg of tomatoes, 200kg of limes, 150kg of onions, 12kg of coriander/cilantro and 90kg of salt.

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