Isabel Cueva: Beauty in Everything She Does

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Isabel Cueva: Beauty in Everything She Does     
Tara A. Spears

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La Penita has an up and coming young entrepreneur who brings beauty to her businesses. Isabel Cueva Parra is a motivated 22 year old who juggles three jobs and still finds time to practice her passion, trick horseback riding. To use her education, Isabel works at the hospital in Las Varas. She operates her clothing store, Prieta Linda during the day, and zips over to run her other business, Guaiami Wings in the evenings.
Isabel explains, “I decided to open a boutique for women only because women like to be beautiful and need to buy clothes. I thought it would be good business if I sell beautiful clothes in a pretty store. I opened the store two years ago and because La Peñita is a tourist town, and thank God, there are always customers.”

Isabel is a person who has always been interested in business since she was a child. After graduating from UNIVA university, Isabel returned to LaPenita and began her businesses. Like so many creative and talented people, Isabel is happiest when she is working. “I’m always looking for something new to do that will make more money,” said Isabel. “That’s why besides my profession as a nutritionist I have my restaurant and my boutique. But none of this would be possible without the help of my fiancé, Rogelio Parra, who is always supporting me in everything I do.” The couple plan to be married in April this year.
This petite dynamo says she loves the financial independence that owning her own business gives her besides meeting a lot of people. Isabel also thrives on making decisions and selecting the product. “I imagine what type of event that a particular outfit would be perfect for!” This astute business woman knew that the local customer base prefers made in America fashion therefore Prieta Linda is 100% American items. The quality is top notch. The only drawback is that there is only the one size of item available, no custom orders.

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With her zest for life and keen eye, Isabel knows what people want. “I look at current trends in movies and magazines, and consider the season before ordering,” said Isabel. Her winter stock is vibrant with bling- perfect for holiday parties. Presently the shop features long sleeves and jackets in addition to super separates such as leather outfits and cocktail dresses.

Besides American brand handbags, Prieta Linda Boutique carries a quality line of costume jewelry, Forever 21. Distinctive shawls and sexy undies round out the shopping choices at the boutique.

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As if all this work isn’t challenging enough, Isabel also participates in Mexican rodeo competition as a member of women’s sidesaddle team! “I began riding when I was one year old, said Isabel. “My family has horses and my father taught me.”
Escaramuza, Spanish for skirmish, describes both the daredevil horseback ballets, ridden sidesaddle at top speed, and the intensity of this type of competition. “It requires a lot of dedication and a lot of teamwork,” said Isabel. “It’s eight girls and eight horses — all have to be in unison to compete. We are scored on how well we move together, so we have to be very precise in our riding and routines that we put together.” This Mexican rodeo event is beauty in motion: the lovely senoritas in traditional costumes on racing steeds make the trick riding look so easy when in fact it is very complicated.

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The Fashion Show is pleased to announce that Isabel will be dressing models for the 2016 Fashion Show. Stop by one of her businesses to learn more about the riding or just to enjoy the beautiful selections!

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Prieta Linda: open from 10:30 to 2 pm and 4:00-9:00pm Monday-Saturday; cell 322 136 0754 email: [email protected]
Ave. Emilio Zapata across from Hala Hamocks, La Penita

Guayami Wings: Brewery, chicken wings, and sports bar
Ave. Sol Nuevo #135/ second floor, Guayabitos
Open 5:00 to midnight every night 322 138 5128
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