Gerardo Palomera: Creating Quality Doors

1 doorGerardo Palomera: Creating Quality Doors
Tara A. Spears

Not all doors are created equal: how many of us at sometime have struggled with an ill-fitting door in our home? It takes knowledge and experience to properly hang a door that closes without binding. In Jaltemba Bay, craftsman Gerardo Palomera Gutierrrez is the man to see if you need doors, screen repairs, or windows. With 22 years experience, Gerardo can make or replace any type, any size of opening with a well-made, attractive, door or window. Best of all, he has prompt delivery on orders.

Born and raised in La Penita, Gerardo learned to speak English when he worked for three years in the United States. “I wanted to learn a trade and I always enjoyed working with my hands,” said 2 doorGerardo. “The money was good (in the US) but I missed my country and my family.” He returned to Mexico.

Building on the fabricating skills he acquired north of the border, Gerardo quickly was hired by a large commercial door and window company. He loved his job. “We had such big orders that work was challenging and never boring.” Gerardo learned a lot as the years went by. During an economic downturn, the company surprised the workers by telling them this was their last day, the company was closing. Gerardo’s shock is still evident as he remembers that day. “I had thought that I would work there till I was old. We (the employees) didn’t know that the owners were having problems.” It was a pivotal point in his life. 3 b door 3 a door3 door

“I knew that I could get other work by moving away, or I would have to open my own business if I was going to stay in La Penita. But I knew I would not be happy anywhere else.” Gerardo opened “Aluminio Lunas y Cristales” and over the last ten years has built a business through hard work. “I get such a good feeling when I finish making the door/window and the customer likes the work,” he said. The growth of Jaltemba Bay is good said Gerardo. “Now if we could just get better services (utilities.) As in many tourist-driven economies, the summer season is still tough with its drastically lower level of business.4 door

Gerardo’s wife of 24 years, Veronica, is also a native of La Penita. They have two sons. Eduardo is attending university in Tepic, and their younger son, Gerardo, is in secondario school. The parents feel that La Penita is a wonderful place to raise children. When he is not working, Gerardo likes to go to the beach with his sons or visit with his extended family who all live in this area. “I like knowing my neighbors,” says Gerardo with a chuckle.

The next time you need a screen fixed or want to add a pretty door, call on our neighbor, Gerardo. He guarantees his work.

Aluminio Lunas Y Cristales
Oceano Pacifico #54, La Penita
(The northbound lateral road opposite IMSS clinic)

Monday thru Saturday 8am-2, 4-6pm
Land line: 327-274-0612 or
Cell: 322 191 1991

Email: [email protected]