Continued Strong Community Response to Cancer Walk Early Detection Initiative

1 give     Continued Strong Community Response to Cancer Walk Early Detection Initiative
Tara A. Spears
Remember that crazy parade and street party at Hindi’s in February? The proceeds from that event are improving the quality for the women of our beachside community by providing free mammograms and pap tests. After a first year of the free mammogram program, the Jaltemba Cancer Walk Committee wasn’t sure what to expect for 2015. We are proud to say that the early detection initiative has already surpassed the total year’s number of participants- and it’s only midyear! 3 give4  give11give

Your financial support thru purchasing an event ticket or donating or buying an auction item is what enables this service to be provided-thank you, thank you! The women are so grateful for the help; so many say, “hugs to all the good people that give this to us!”
I am honored to be the Cancer Walk committee liaison to the clients. It is such an emotional experience to meet the women participating in the early detection program: each woman is so thankful for this opportunity! It is very heartwarming and humbling that our good time party means so much to our neighbors, especially when you consider that these women are facing serious medical issue2 give  s, yet they have hugs for us. Without this free testing, these women would not be getting timely medical care. Please, please continue supporting the Cancer Walk Fund as the need is greater than our funding.
The Numbers:
From January 1 through July 30 of this year, Cancer Walk Fund has provided 105 mammograms, 68 breast ultrasound tests, and 70 pap tests. Of the breast Xrays, 1 of 7 women has required further medical treatment for breast problems/cancer! Even more shocking is that over HALF of the pap tests detected abnormalities/illness and the woman required additional medical treatment. The testing provided by the Cancer Walk Early Detection initiative is identifying problems for many of the women who do not have overt symptoms. Addressing the situation early yields a better prognosis. Remember that Nayarit has a higher than average incidence of female cancers (look at the hundreds of women that attend the annual Cancer de Mama Breast Cancer clinic) and therefore many area women are high risk.

7 giveSome of the Committee members: Dr. LidiAna, Tara, Patty, Yvonne, Hindi, Sue, Verna

The Cancer Walk Early Detection initiative directly pays the medical facility for the diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, or pap tests. No cash is given to the clients. By using the voucher system, the committee has built in a clear accounting system and a means of regulating expenses. The participants receive quick, quality care with a specialist so it is a win/win situation.
Clients holding their mammogram and doctor report
To all of the wonderful people that attend the annual Jaltemba Bay Walk Against Cancer, know that your fun afternoon is having a lasting impact. This initiative would not be possible without your financial donations! 100% of the funds generated at the once-a-year event are used to pay for mammograms, pap tests, ultrasounds, and transportation to the specialized testing facility in Puerto Vallarta. The annual fundraiser has zero overhead because all components of the street party are donated and the party is staffed by volunteers.
The Jaltemba Bay Cancer Walk committee is committed to improving the street party for next year, so look for announcements published early in January. Mark the date: Monday February15, 2016 for the next Cancer Walk.111give

To donate, volunteer, or for more information contact Yvonne Trottier: [email protected]