Best Selection of Hardware at Koranay Store La Penita

Best Selection of Hardware at Koranay Store La Penita  

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Unless you stay at a hotel that provides maintenance, most long-term residents of Jaltemba Bay will need tools, replacement parts, or general home repair items. I admit that when I first moved to Mexico and didn’t speak Spanish, having to belly up to the hardware counter and ASK for the part I needed at the small family operated stores was very stressful and humiliating.

After all, isn’t one of the reason the big box, super hardw11are stores are so popular north of the border is because one can privately puzzle things out by fiddling with the items on the shelf, reading directions, and comparing size etc.? You don’t need to ask for help- and show your ignorance- but can walk confidently to the check out as if you know what you’re doing. Furthermore, the self-serve stores foster the thinking of “I’ll just bring it back and exchange it if the part doesn’t work after I get home”…except in Mexico exchanging purchased items is not usually allowed. I accumulated a whole lot of frustration and a box of wrong items because I didn’t know its Spanish name. Fortunately, my stress level and home repair satisfaction went back to normal after I discovered Koranay Hardware store! I’ve been able to get exactly what I need because owners Francisco and Consuelo speak English and they carry a great variety of supplies.

11111The coastal climate is fantastic for relaxing in the winter but the constant warmth, humidity, and high salt content is very aging on appliances and many home items, requiring more maintenance than in northern areas. Koranay Hardware has a full range of plumbing supplies and PVC pipe plus typical fittings. The store stocks a good variety of water pumps and electrical supplies. Paco will order in items for you with typically no more than three day delivery. This is such a time and money saver: I didn’t have to take a day to drive to PV and my workers had what was needed to complete the job. Yes, they deliver to your house.

For the thrifty minded shopper, not only are Koranay’s prices competitive, but they offer weekly sales on select items. I also like that the owners anticipate the seasonal needs: getting lots of roof sealer before the rainy season starts, etc. My personal favorite section is the tools: every time I go into the store, I treat myself to a new gadget- it inspires me to do another project!

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Aside from the excellent selection and service, Consuela and Paco Banuelos are just good people, the kind of folks that you like for friends. Both were born in nearby Las Varas, and their extended families still reside there. Consuela learned to speak fluent English from living in the US, and Paco learned English in school. After getting married 17 years ago, the couple moved to La Penita to start their own business and family. They have four children ranging in age from 16 to 3 years old. You will see the kids helping out in the store when they are not in school. “I was working for my older brother in his Las Varas hardware store before getting married,” said Paco. “I knew this is what I wanted to do.” In addition, by ordering with his brother, both stores can offer lower prices due to volume.



“We chose the north end of La Penita (for our business) because the area is growing,” said Consuela. “With the development of La Colonia and El Capomo, people will need building materials.” The Banuelos also like the schools and family activities that Jaltemba Bay offers.

It was Paco’s brother who came up with the name for the stores. “My brother is fascinated with the history of the Cora Indians in Nayarit,” explained Paco. “The name is a combination of the words, to honor the accomplishments of the native people.” The logo has some of the Cora symbolism in it. It is not a surprise that Paco’s goals for the business are to provide quality and selection for his customers. The next time that you need building materials, check out Koranay.

Koranay is open from 7 am until 7pm, seven days a week. Tel: 327-274-0041

Located on the right side of Highway 200 before the north Pemex station

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