Keeping it Cool for a Cause

Keeping it Cool for a Cause                 

Tara A. Spears  


Get ready for the crazy street party for the 6th Annual Jaltemba Walk against Cancer. Lots of your friends and neighbors are trickin’ out the bras for the event! Come enjoy dancing with conga lines, booby burgers, and your choice of beverage as you check out the interesting goodies on the silent auction table. Be sure to check out the very adorable wine bottle coolers plus matching wine glass cozies- besides a variety of original beer insulators.

A very talented group, led by Verna Hahn,  donated many hours of labor to form ‘Cozie Cuties’. “We got the idea last year when Darlene & I were visiting Dora in Summerland, B.C.  Dora took us on a tour of a winery where they were selling the wine skirts.  We bought some and over several glasses of wine, decided we could make our own for a fund raiser for the breast cancer clinic.  We made fifteen in 2015, donating all proceeds from selling the pink ribbon cozies to Cancer de Mama Clinic.” Over the summer, Cozie Cuties decided that they would make beer and wine cozies when they were in Mexico and give all the money raised to the Jaltemba Bay Cancer Walk.   

cancer 1“A special thank you to Rod Jenkins and Sherri Nordin for donating 100 plain beer cozies for our team to decorate,” said Verna.  “We could never have done the popular wine skirts if Sydney Richardson hadn’t cut out and sewn the skirts for us!” The women used a wet suit for the insulating portion of the wine carrier and wine glass cozies, adding pretty ribbons and bling to make attractive but functional insulators.

This very ambitious group got together for six creative workshops, completing more than 100 insulators. Next the women strolled about the Thursday at the market in La Penita selling their designs. In addition, to generating cash for the mammograms, the group donated three special sets of cozies for the Walk Against Cancer silent auction.

A partial list of the sweet gals that volunteered to make the cozies: Verna, Darlene, Kim, Angel, Carol, Cathe, Sydney and Linda. “One our group is a breast cancer survivor,” said Verna.   “All the volunteers who helped with this project are very passionate about assisting the breast cancer clinic & the Cancer Walk.  We had a lot of fun doing this!”


It is just absolutely astonishing how many people come on vacation to Jaltemba Bay planning to help the local community!  While they still find time to enjoy the beautiful beach and excellent weather, many seasonal visitors take the time to find needed items back home and pack these things for giving away in Mexico. School supplies, bras, fabric, theme costumes for the various fundraising parties, and items to donate for auctions at the events. All of the non-profit groups appreciate the donation of these wonderful items that support the various initiatives.

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 One has to admire the kindness, generosity, and range of creativity from so many individuals!  A big thank you goes out to all the ladies in the Cozie Cutie group come meet them in person at the Monday Cancer Walk.


The Cancer Walk Starts at Corona Beer store parking lot at 11:00 am, parade walks to the La Penita avenida and continues until Hindi and Jaime’s Restaurant near the ocean for the street party!!!

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